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MBK Eye Rejuvenator

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MBK Eye Rejuvenator

Awaken Tired Eyes

Reduce puffiness, and eliminate dark under-eye circles with safe, relaxing, and quick & easy micro-current treatments.

The Eye Rejuvenator uses scientifically proven microcurrent technology to increase oxygen and blood circulation and to improve the fibroblast activity which speeds up natural collagen production to the delicate eye area while also increasing the product permeability of MBK eye creams and serums to further enhance their effectiveness.

This treatment is as much preventative for anti-aging as it is corrective for age reversal.

Eye Rejuvenator Device
User Manual
AC Adapter

Turn on by holding down the on/off button for 0.5 seconds. Once the blue indicator stops flashing, the device is ready to use. Note: The treatment tip will be very warm.


Make sure skin is freshly cleansed and toned, then apply an eye serum or preferred product around the eye area—eyelid, corner of the eye, & under the eye.


Hold the device, making sure that your hand is making direct contact with the silver contact plate (this maintains the microcurrent connection) and slowly and gently glide the device from the outer corner to inner corner of your eye, pausing for 3-5 seconds on acupoints (refer to diagram). When the device beeps, switch to the other eye. The device will turn off by itself after treatment.

Follow up by proceeding with your regular facial regimen—such as additional facial serums, moisturizer, and daily SPF.


Click here for full instructions.

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