iS CLINICAL Warm Up, Cool Down ($135 value)

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Achieve glowing skin with iS Clinical's Warm Up, Cool Down. This facial duo includes a cleanser and mask to help restore a clearer and calmer complexion. The Warming Honey Cleanser deeply cleans and dissolves dead skin cells in blemish-prone skin, while the Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque soothes and delivers deep hydration.

Key Benefits:
Deep-cleanses (Warming Honey Cleanser)
Minimizes the appearance of pores (Warming Honey Cleanser)
Provides powerful hydration (Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque)
Provides a cool, refreshing sensation (Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque)

iS Clinical Warm Up, Cool Down includes:

  • Warming Honey Cleanser (4 oz.): A gentle face cleanser that deeply cleans and exfoliates blemish-prone skin.
  • Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque (4 oz.): A lightweight, gel facial mask that soothes, calms and hydrates your skin.
  • Bonus Sample Hydra-Cool Serum (0.12 fl. oz.)
  • Bonus Sample Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ (0.12 fl. oz.)
  • Bonus Sample Reparative Moisture Emulsion (0.07 oz.)


Key Ingredients:
Honey (Warming Honey Cleanser): packed with amino acids, vitamins, and powerful antioxidants to help noticeably improve blemish-prone skin
Papaya Enzymes (Warming Honey Cleanser): dissolve dead skin cells for gentle but powerful exfoliation
Rosemary Leaf Oil (Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque): a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
Hyaluronic Acid (Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque): binds up to 1800 times its weight in water to hydrate skin


See Individual Products for Complete List of Ingredients:

Warming Honey Cleanser

Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque

Hydra-Cool Serum

Pro-Heal Serum Advance+

Reparative Moisture Emulsion

1 - Warming Honey Cleanser
Massage gently on to damp skin in circular motions and leave on for five minutes as a mini-masque. For a more luxurious spa experience, complete this step in a steamy shower. When finished, rinse with lukewarm water.

2 - Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque
Apply to freshly cleaned skin, leaving on 5-10 minutes for more visibly hydrated and nourished skin. For more intense, therapeutic hydration, sleep in a thin layer of this lightweight get masque overnight.