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Botox vs. Skincare: What really makes you look younger?

Common Misconception... Botox makes you look younger.
eeeeeehhh some people are going to FLAG me on this but, yes, Botox relaxes expression lines... SKINCARE makes you look younger. end of story.
And before you ask, yes the same goes for Dysport and Xeomin
Do you need to Botox with your skincare, no
Do you need skincare with your Botox, absolutely.

Neuromodulators work in the muscle. While skincare works in the cells and DNA of the skin. So what actually makes us look older? Pigmentation and skin texture.

"Shockingly, a 2009 study done on facial aging in identical twins found that different amounts of sun exposure, dark spots and pigment, made the more sun-damaged sibling look as much as 10 years older! "

that's right not wrinkles but sun-damaged skin which resulted in hyperpigmentation. And guess what, Botox cant fix that... skincare does. 
 What type of skincare? Lots! Products with HQ, not an HQ fan? Try vitamin C, exfoliants, chemical peels and laser.

In the clinical setting when talking with patients about where they wanted to be treated with Botox, I often (daily) heard they wanted botox under their eye to help with the bags. I wish...
Again, that's skincare. There is no magical muscle in your eye bag that can tighten that sucker up. Plus, no neuromodulator is FDA approved for under the eyes (for a reason). Want to treat eye bags ad puffiness.. then it takes a great eye serum or cream. In particularly, one with caffeine (yep coffee bean, ginseng, magnolia to name a few ingredients) to tighten the skin on contact.
 Another great way is with a cold eye mask, spoon, oh and sleep!

Now I will say Botox can help forehead breakouts if they are caused by sweat, clogging the pore. Lets break it down. Botox treats hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.
Botox works the same way (expensively) on the forehead by blocking or slowing lipid production in our oil glands thus causing less acne and smaller pore size.
BUT, lets be honest, there are much cheaper ways to treat acne! Salicylic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur Masks to name a few.

Do I love me some Botox, Heck Yes! But what do I love even more? My skincare.

When it comes to antiaging, the integrity of the skin cant be compromised. No matter how frozen your botox can get- your skin will still look dehydrated and aged. 
Don't just take my word for it, add in a Vitamin C serum and see how quickly you start noticing changes in your skin vibrances and texture.

 with a little patience and dedication to a skin-care regimen, you can achieve smooth, wrinkle-free skin without injections. And you can really maximize those results by eating right, getting enough sleep and keeping your stress under control.

When it comes to fighting fine lines here are a few miracle workers that will give your Botox a run for its money.

iS Clinical Super Serum Advanced
iS Clinical Active Serum
Osmosis Skincare Correct
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Osmosis Skincare Stemfactor
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