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Our Top 3 Firming Eye Treatments

As an esthetician who sees clients both in person and virtually, one of the most common questions I get asked is how to improve tired looking eyes. The eyes can appear dull and tired due to sagging, sinking and dark under eyes. If you are reading this, you probably already take great care of your skin by educating yourself on product ingredients and keeping up with both in office and at home facial care, but it can be easy to overlook the eye area since it is such a small portion of the face. I will be breaking down how our eyes can look bright, tight and youthful.  

With fewer sebaceous glands, collagen and elastin fibers, the thin and fragile skin becomes the first place to show our age. Think of how often you move the muscles around your eye, with every look, blink and wink, we are diminishing our skin elasticity. 

Fatigue can also interrupt the microcirculation of blood and lymph around the eyes. The already thin skin has a lack of vascularization and insufficient lymph drainage creating the look of dark circles. We then start to experience what most refer to as puffy eyes. This is due to a fluid retention which leads to visible edema.

As we get older, we experience tissue atrophy, resulting in lid laxity, decreased skin volume, and diminished skin elasticity. This gradually happens over time and you start to see a sinking effect around the eyes. When the fragile skin starts to sage, we get crepiness and fine lines. 

To address these concerns and revitalize your under-eye area, here are my top three product recommendations aimed at firming and brightening your eyes to keep you looking youthful and refreshed.

First up, Calecim Eye Contour.

Calecim Multi-Action Cream is a top growth factor recommendation of mine and often referred to as facelift in a jar. Now we have it in the form of an eye cream! Calecim has 3 steps for improving the under eye skin: strengthening, accelerating and increasing circulation. 

Calecim has a  new revolutionary technology used in their Eye Contour called PTT-6. In-Vitro tests used aged skin keratinocytes and fibroblasts and showed a significant increase in epidermal cells that was observed from Day 6 onwards after exposure to PTT-6™.

Greater cellular production leads to a faster skin regeneration process. When combined with the skin-enhancing advantages of PTT-6™, it leads to the smoothing and softening of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and significantly diminishes skin crepiness.

Clinical trials have substantiated that PTT-6™ boosts epidermal cell proliferation by 42%. This heightened cell production leads to an expedited skin cycle. When paired with the skin-strengthening properties of PTT-6™, it yields the smoothing and softening of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, significantly reducing skin crepiness as well.

Other added ingredients to stimulate circulation are

Guarana extract which harnesses active caffeine molecules that naturally boost micro-circulation, diminishing both dark circles and puffiness by enhancing blood flow.

A blend of Hesperidin methyl chalcone and various lipopeptides elevates lymphatic circulation, effectively reducing inflammation and improving the appearance of under-eye bags. Matrikines break down blood pigments that cause dark circles and inflammation. 

Now let’s break down a SkinBeautiful RX staple recommendation, Revision’s DEJ Eye. DEJ stands for Dermal-Epidermal Junction which is the tissue structure between the epidermis and dermis. This is so important when discussing aging, because as we get older, the layers of skin don’t hold up as well as they once did. DEJ in young skin is wavy but as we age, the DEJ becomes flat. That lack of cohesion in the skin is why you will start to see drooping, sagging and loss of tone, especially around the eyes. Revision is focused on the long term health of the skin by filling their products up with the best and most proven effective ingredients. 

Let’s dig deep into some of the ingredients in the DEJ Eye that make it possible to achieve these results. 

DEJ Eye contains Silanetroil and Rhamnose which both stimulate the production of DEJ proteins like collagen to create more youthful appearing skin. Psedudoalteromonis ferment extract is going to reinforce dermal and epidermal structural integrity and cohesion.

It also contains Vitamin E, which will help moisturize the skin and act as an antioxidant to protect the skin from free radicals. Remember we said the skin around your eyes is the most delicate, so that is really important. Vitamin C is in this product which is going to help protect and treat sundamanged skin. You all know how big I am on protecting your skin from the sun, that counts for around the eye area as well. 

Crepey skin can be so tricky especially around the eyes. Panthenol is going to improve the roughness and scaling of the skin, so you will see an improvement of that texture around your eyes. Sodium Hyaluronate is the water soluble salt form of Hyaluronic Acid and attracts water to help the skin become smoother and softer. Sargassum Filipendula Extract or Brown Algae is going to plum and firm that delicate skin.

I can’t talk about eye firmness without bringing up ColoreScience Total Eye Firm and Repair Cream.

In just 8 weeks, Total Eye Firm is clinically proven to enhance moisture levels, firmness, and the overall look of the delicate eye area. We love this product because it is infused with caffeine to enhance circulation, reduce puffiness, and make you feel refreshed, and awakened while contributing to the long-term reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The patented Total Eye Complex reduces signs of aging around the eyes like dark circles, puffiness, loose skin, crow's feet, and dryness by using powerful peptides and janiastim, this formula promotes robust collagen production, offering both immediate and sustained enhancement to your skin.

Squalane and meadowfoam sea oil provides long lasting hydration, which deeply nourishes and fortifies the skin's protective barrier. Rich vitamins and minerals diminish the appearance of crepey skin. Using sea buckthorn fruit oil, a potent botanical humectant stimulates cellular rejuvenation and gives anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Skincare should always be fun and easy to understand! We are always happy to answer any questions you have to ease your skincare journey. Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram. 


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