Staples in skincare for young and vibrant skin

Staples in skincare for young and vibrant skin

It's my birthday which means I have to fight even harder to maintain youthful skin! Which sounds negative... but with the products and treatments available, I know I have this in the bag. I consistently get asked, "what products should I use for anti-aging" and for the most part, no matter your age, there a few things you should be using everyday to keep skin in a youthful state.

1. Vitamin A- 
I love Vitamin A! This was the first product I ever used and saw a change in my skin and what got me hooked on skincare and understanding the science and correlation of topical medications and the effects it has on the skin. I remember it so clearly, SkinMedica's Retinol 0.25, it helped clear my acne, made my skin soft and smoothed the few lines my 26-year-old self already had! I have been hooked ever since and have graduated to more aggressive types of Vitamin A to continue to correct and protect against the aging process.

Vitamin A comes in many forms but they all work the same way. They protect the skin the stimulate the production of new skin cells and the removal of old ones, support in thickening of the dermis, this micronutrient promotes the production of elastin and collagen, both necessary for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin A keeps the skin smooth and strong and acts as a natural exfoliator. Vitamin A is also one of two ingredients considered "anti-aging" by the FDA.

2. Antioxidants-
Antioxidants protects the skin from free radical damage and play a vital role in collagen production, it is also responsible for keeping skin free of wrinkles, but smooth and soft They also aid in diminishing hyperpigmentation and keeping skin strong and healthy. I never understood the effects of free radical damage until I took the time to understand what free radical are; basically, they cause the skin to age at an accelerated rate. Knowing antioxidants protect against these little devils, everyone should be packing a powerful antioxidant in their skincare regimen.

3. SPF-
I might be kicking a dead horse here but you HAVE to use sunscreen, every day, rain or shine. Sun causes premature aging, pigment, wrinkles, sun burns, everything harmful to your delicate skin. The only thing that protects you from the negative impact of the sun on your skin is SPF. When purchasing an SPF it must be 30or higher and always reapply every 2 hours when you are out in the sun... and no SPF in makeup is not enough.

So those are my staples for young healthy skin. Up later on the blog, aesthetic treatments to keep you looking young.

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Our Picks for Vitamin A:
Osmosis Clarify (Level 2)  $60
Osmosis Correct (Level 3)  $78
Osmosis Renew (Level 4)  $88
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Our Picks for Antioxidant Serums:
Osmosis Catalyst AC11  $130
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M.A.D Skincare C4 Intensive Serum  $98
iS Clinical Active Serum  $135

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Suzanne Everly October 16 2020

Thank you for providing anti-aging information and specific products that help target the signs of aging. You’re very good at explaining what happens to skin, why it happens and how to treat it. Excellent!!