Alitura Derma Roller - Titanium Needles

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Alitura Derma Roller- Titanium Needles

The 600 Titanium Microneedle Alitura Derma Roller (3 Depth Options)

The single best way to freshen up your appearance for the high performance lifestyle. The derma roller is the beauty industry's best-kept secret.

Benefits include:

  • Boost collagen production*
  • Reduce the visibility of scarring & premature skin aging*
  • Combat stretch marks & cellulite*
  • Reduce the appearance of large pores*
  • Diminish the appearance of bags & dark circles under eyes*

We offer 3 sizes:

  • .25 mm  Beginner
  • .5 mm  Intermediate
  • 1 mm  Advanced (not for the forehead)

What is the shape of the needles - cylindrical or triangular? Cylindrical.

Are the needles aligned in straight rows or are they cross-aligned? Aligned in straight rows.

What grade material are your needles made from? Titanium needles.

Are they coated with anything? If so, what? No

What organization are your Derma Rollers certified by? CE

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Replace every 20 uses, as needed.

Alitura Derma Roller- Titanium Needles