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Top 10 Skin Tips

Top 10 Skin Tips
10. Sleep, sleep and more sleep! They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing! Did you know the release of cortisol when you are stressed ages your skin and body? Sleep is the time your body lowers and regulates cortisol levels for a healthy mind and body. Cortisol also causes breakouts and acne! Get your zzz's and see the change in your appearance.

9. Struggling with hormonal breakouts? (guilty) Ditch Alcohol and Dairy during that time of the month.

8. Massage your face while cleansing and moisturizing. The increase in circulation and blood flow rich in nutrients to the area will create a fresher complexion and it will help antioxidants and peptides penetrate into the skin.

7. Use products for your specific skin type. See an aesthetician if you are unsure what your skin type is. This also goes for treatments. Such as people with active acne shouldn't get dermaplaned or microneedled.

6. Don't neglect your neck and décolleté! The skin on your neck and chest is much thinner than your face. Blood circulation is lower which means these areas don't heal as well. Don't skin SPF, antiaging products, and beauty treatments for the neck and chest.

5.Clean your makeup brushes. Better yet, use disposable beauty sponges. Anything that can harbor bacteria should have limited, if not zero, contact with your skin.

4. Apply products in the correct order. Cleanse, Tone, Treatments Products, Antioxidants/ Peptides, SPF

3. Exfoliate!  With physical and chemical exfoliants', everyone can find one they love. Just remember when purchasing a chemical exfoliant the AHA should be at least 8%.

2. Wear Sunscreen. Always. (and reapply every 2 hours when you are in the sun)

1. Use a Retinol or Vitamin A. This is the only medicine proven to boost collagen, increase cell turnover and tighten and tone the skin.


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