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What is an authorized retailer and why it should matter to you.

I totally get it, you see that power product that was $160 dollars on an authorized retailer website, but now here it is on one of those huge online sellers we all know (hint one starts with an A and ends with mazon) at $18 and you think to yourself, wow this is my lucky day. But is it?
You order the product and apply it morning and night for weeks but struggle to see a change in your skin. You leave a bad review on so-and-so’s brand website to let them know how dissatisfied you are. How can this product have such great reviews when all you saw was a waste of money?
Let me put this into perspective and comparison. When you browse through a flee market and see the Louie Vuitton designer bag for pennies on the dollar you know it’s a counterfeit. This is the same with beauty products.
Just like fake leather, counterfeit beauty products are made of imitation ingredients. Beauty products are in the top 5 products seized by U.S Customs and Border Patrol agents each year.
Fake bottles and product or stolen bottles filled with imitation ingredients are in the TOP 5! How scary is that?
 And it gets worse, when products are imported illegally into the US and resold, according the FDA, they contain toxins and preservatives that are deemed unsafe in the United States, ingredients such as formaldehyde and mercury. YIKES.
While not all fake products may hurt you with harmful ingredients they are all less than perfect versions of the real product. Skincare companies spend millions of dollars to have their products tested for safety and patents on their formulations or “recipes” because their product, in easy terms, work!
At Skin Beautiful RX, we have exclusive partnerships with each brand on our website. This means we purchase directly from each company and are a certified authorized retailer. While we strive to run special offers and promotions so that even our most expensive products are affordable, we can’t always come close to the fake versions price. However, if you want to make sure your products work and are safe, remember you get what you pay for.
Protect yourself, protect your skin, protect your investment. Only purchase from an authorized retailer.


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